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Next Generation Text

Next Generation Text (NGT) - helping people with hearing and speech difficulties communicate with anyone over the phone, using the relay service

relay service

NGT helps deaf, speech-impaired, and hearing people talk to each other over the phone using text relay.

Just download
a simple app

You can use the NGT Lite app with your mobile, tablet, or PC. Or just use NGT via your Minicom or Uniphone.

You're ready
to go

All you pay are your normal call charges. You pay nothing to use the service itself.

A typical call using Next Generation Text (NGT)

Image showing how a deaf or speech impaired person types to a Relay Assistant, who talks to a hearing person in a phone conversation

NGT explained in British Sign Language (BSL)

BSL users in Leicester explain how NGT helps them communicate in real-time.

The National Deaf Children's Society shows how NGT helps teenagers become more independent.

Three reasons to talk about NGT

It's the ideal way to make an appointment with
your doctor, keep in touch with friends, or just order a
delicious takeaway.


You can give family, friends, and businesses your own unique TextNumber so when they call you, they automatically connect to a Relay Assistant without having to dial 18002 first.

Making it even easier for people to call you.


If you're using the app you can download it to your iPhone, Android, tablet, PC, or Mac.

But if you prefer to stick with your textphone (Minicom/ Uniphone), it works fine with that too. 


The NGT service itself is free.

You'll only pay your normal charges for the calls you make.

Check with your phone provider for more details.

How do I start using NGT?

One great service, three easy ways to use it

Image of women holding mobile phone

I’m deaf or speech-impaired, using the app

Find out how to download the app and start making calls wherever you are.

Image of man with hearing aid

I’m deaf or speech-impaired, using textphone

Lots of deaf people are still using their textphones. Read how to use NGT with yours.

image of man on phone

I'm hearing and calling a deaf or speech-impaired person

Just because someone's deaf or speech-impaired doesn't mean you can't phone them. It's easy.